Kuraun: Japanese Streetwear At Its Finest

Kuraun – Bringing bold Japanese stylings to the forefront of their brand.

After finding a rooted interest in both the fashion and Japanese lifestyle, Ando & Sherru teamed up to create what is now one of the most exiting up and coming, oriental-inspired streetwear labels in the world.

Over the last 6 months, Kuraun have stepped up their game and begun making strong movements into the less contemporary and more diverse sectors of fashion, by releasing seasonal collections, with many ‘must-have’ one-off garments.

With a wide range of some of the finest quality t-shirts on offer (limited availability), be sure to check out all Kuraun pieces below.

While Kuraun stand by their modest pricing, the garments they have been releasing remain both eye-catching and extremely relevant in todays fashion/style world.

The greatest feeling in the world is portraying power through clothing, power in the form of energy – when walking into a busy room, people feel you rather than see you“.

Be sure to shop their latest collection online here and check out their Instagram platform for more #StyleInspiration.

See below for more photos.

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