HIPE Shoots: An Insightful Walk With Indigoochild

An insightful walk with Indigoochild.

We teamed up with Indigoochild for a one-off shoot alongside the incredibly talented @Michael.Sabunii.

Indigoochild’s ability to take a strong message and put it into relatable words is the reason we at HIPE can’t wait to see what’s in store for him over the next 12 months. With a naturally spirited and down to earth mind, Indigoochild’s rooted progression into the music industry is set to be one of the most exiting and potentially game-changing breaks to watch.

After releasing his first single/video NAG CHAMPA, followed by his second highly anticipated track titled ‘DAVID ICKE‘, be sure to follow the movement here for more updates from @Indigoochild.

Model: @indigoochild

Photographer: @michael.sabunii

See below for the full HIPE Magazine x Indigoochild campaign in collaboration with MASC Photography.

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