Tall Crooks Apparel: The Rebirth

The Rebirth.

After the release of their first collection titled ‘TC Originals’, Tall Crooks Apparel have taken on a deeper concept for the launch of their second highly impressive collection ‘The Rebirth

The Rebirth – The notion behind their latest collection has a rooted link to what the owners have labelled ‘concept fashion’. The rebirth of an ancient cult which has been brought to the 21st century and expressed through the art of streetwear.

Over the years, many brands around the globe have taken pride in minimalist collections and designs. While that remains a regular occurrence in streetwear, Tall Crooks have taken on a completely different aim with their works. The aim being to create a timeless aesthetic by combining notions from both past and future. We can obviously see the effects of minimalism infused here, which really gives that idea of a modern and somewhat futuristic feel. However, if we indulge deeper it becomes apparent that we can also see somewhat on an ancient ideology in play. The main ideology we refer to here is that of Taoism, a Chinese philosophy based on the writings of Lao-tzu, advocating humility and religious piety. The use of a concise monochrome colourway palette for their garments representing the Yin & Yang of Taoism, as well as the use of an eastern style dragon-gong which further solidifies their ancient ideological references.

One of the most admirable aspects of the brand is their perseverance with theme and artistic expression. It’s not too difficult to create your own brand these days, and in many ways this is the beauty of streetwear. However, when you keep seeing the same reality-TV models sporting the same garments but with different brand logos, you know something isn’t right. We even start to question whether this can be classified as streetwear at all. This is something we feel TC have tried to steer clear of and we can only see the brand rising from strength to strength in the future.

We asked the owners at Tall Crooks Apparel why they decided on the concept they did and this is what they had to say – “We were sick of seeing the same look and feel for so many copycat brands out there. It’s easy to fall into the trap of sculpting your brand around what you think will give you quick sales. We basically wanted to convert all these ideas we had going on in our heads and express that into the brand. That way we stay true to ourselves and fingers crossed our followers enjoy it too”.

Question – “And why this ancient cult narrative”?

Answer – “Why not? Streetwear is so hooked on the ‘we came from nothing, now we’re here’ narrative; we wanted to create our own fictional one. Just like a novel or film can gain a fan base, we want our customers and fans to understand this and jump along for the ride by supporting us”.

With a clean selection of high-quality t-shirts and hats available as part of their highly-anticipated ‘The Rebirth’ collection, be sure to check out the full range online here and visit their Instagram page here.

See below for more photos.

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