Fault Clothing Release New FAULT Branded T-Shirt

Fault Clothing – bringing bold designs and quality garments together.

After working alongside a strong number of up and coming brands and designers from around the world, we are delighted to add another great name to our list of loved labels – Fault Clothing.

Despite only having a small selection of pieces available to purchase over the last few months, the brand are making their movements in the local streetwear game very noticeable. After weeks of in-house decisions, we at HIPE are delighted to announce the release of their latest ‘FAULT‘ printed tee. Taking use of high-quality fabrics and a simplistic yet eye-catching design, be sure to check out the full look online here.

Fault Clothing – “We wanted to bring back a unique experience to the everyday style guru – something you can be proud to represent, knowing it brings quality and perfection to every outfit“.

Brand: Fault Clothing (@faultclothing)

Model: Osman Aytac (@osmanaytac1907)

See below for more photos.


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