BOYHOOD: The Parisian Stretwear Label


The Parisian streetwear label have put their focus on menswear, capturing a youthful spirit in the most authentic way.

The new release effortlessly combines authentic denim and sporting details with a dosage of low-key pastel colours, giving it that 90’s inspired look. 

Designed by Benjamin Brouillet, this streetwear drop combats the notion that all boys must mature and draws direct influences from the designer’s own youth. Born and raised in France, Brouillet grew up as an athlete, with gymnastics and ice skating being his forte. These factors of his youth are directly translated into the clothing he now produces.

Each piece from this collection possesses attractive sporty touches such as cord drawstrings, button joggers, mesh vests and vibrant colourways. 

BOYHOOD is a nostalgic souvenir of all of our pasts. Just like our vintage friends, Reebok, Diadora, Ellesse and more that seem to be homage for Benjamin’s sporty collection. 

Instagram – @boyhoodofficial

See below for photos.

By @joanna_kashoum3ri

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