HIPE Shoots: #BringBodiesBack


We at HIPE are very aware that many brands, fashion designers and clothing labels have showed their support to the plus sized sector within modelling over the last few years. While that remains a fantastic thing, to this day none have been able to make a substantial difference in both raising awareness and keeping it a permanent look, style or direction within their business.

After working alongside many modelling agencies, fashion houses and bloggers over the last 2 years and noticing the lack of interest towards what are commonly known as ‘plus sized’ models, we decided to bring the beauty in natural, healthy and more importantly REAL bodies to the forefront of our magazine with this campaign titled #BringBodiesBack

For the obvious reasons stated above, we made the easy decision to work alongside 2 female models on a unique and highly anticipated fashion campaign titled #BringBodiesBack. The campaign itself had a few directions regarding the message we wanted to give off as well as the stylings we wanted to present on the models.

The chosen location for our shoot was based on the one fact that we didn’t want there to be distractions in each shot that may have taken away from the message we were trying to give off. That message being, “be happy in your skin without letting anyone else lead your thoughts elsewhere”.

We went for an identical direction with styling as we did with the location and therefor new there was not a single brand or vibrant garment that might have made our imagery more appealing. The sole aim with our #BBB styling was to present as much of the model as possible with without letting it become sexualised in any way, shape or form. 

Stay tuned for more #BBB features and see below for the full campaign imagery. 

Publication: @HipeMagazine

Photographer: @MintPhotosUK 

HIPE Representative: @HipeHardy / @Stuttz_Kenpachi

Model: @Tashan_Music / @DianaSirokai

MUA: @Mbe_Mua

See below for the full HIPE Magazine x #BringBodiesBack campaign.

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