HIPE Visits: The Alchemist

Wondering what spots to hit up this summer for the perfect mix of club and cocktails

Well here is one place you must check out. Sleek, spacey and a menu of cocktails you won’t be able to choose from. 

The Alchemist staff claim to be masters in the art of molecular mixology and their kitchen skills aren’t too shabby either… Featuring a large dining area, it’s the perfect place for any occasion with friends or family. 

Alchemist’s mixologists create their cocktails with an eye for detail and present them in a way so spectacular you’ll be forced to order another. Some of the personal favourites are presented in test tubes, with smoke engulfing the drink.

Recommendations: The Dead Red Zombie & Smokey Number 2.

It’s the small things that make this unique restaurant/bar stand out. Food, drinks, music and the consistently vibrant atmosphere. What more could you ask for?

The Alchemist is split off into different parts of the UK so you’ll be able to find your nearest one online here.

See below for more photos.

By @Joanna_Kashoum3ri

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