Starbucks Set To Release Ice Cream & Coffee Mixes Very Soon

Summer time loving at Starbucks

One of the worlds biggest chains within the coffee retail industry is adding something new to their menu… And this additional product will send sugar lovers over the edge.

Your heard it here first, Starbucks will be serving ice cream in the near future. Unfortunately it will begin in over 100 locations in the United States but we can hope and pray that it will come to Britain in the next few months. 

The ice cream/coffee selections are set to include Roastery Affogato, an Italian-born concoction that blends espresso shots with mounds of ice cream.

While original Affogato products from Starbucks have been successful at the company’s flagship store in Seattle, time can only tell if these newly formed products will make the dolla’ holla! 

See below for more photos.

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