TRUMP: Weird & Wacky America

TRUMP’s weird and wacky America.

While Obama takes the back seat for the first time in eight years, Donald J Trump is doing the complete opposite. It was only a matter of time before women and men around the world came together to spread a message of unity, solidarity and hope.

Possibly the most disgusting, freakish and un-presidential human to step foot in the white house”… And now he’s running it.

After less than 2 months in office, we know we are not in a position to say whether he is going to prove the majority of the world right or wrong with his plans for the US, but we are more than happy to discuss the issues we have with the man himself having the power he now does.

As a magazine and as individuals, we know its always best to follow laws and set rules that have been made to protect the people within a city, country or continent… But what if those laws are WRONG? With Trump now settling into his first 2 months as President of the United States and with executive orders steadily racking up, we at HIPE wondered how America’s progression on domestic violence, equal rights and sexuality can be reconciled with an administration’s rhetoric that seems so behind the times.

We spoke to one individual, Liz, regarding her opinions and concerns towards domestic violence, equal rights and sexuality and Trump’s worrying ability to now lead the charge to change laws across the USA.

Here’s what she had to say…

Domestic Violence: “One of Trump’s first likely moves will be to get rid of government funded programmes designed to support survivors of domestic violence. Trump’s sexually aggressive rhetoric paired with his nomination of an Attorney General who has consistently voted down crucial domestic violence legislation makes it clear that women and threats to their safety are not priorities in the mind of this administration. I despair that we have moved from a president who applauded female empowerment and supported his daughters’ right to live freely and without fear, to a president who thinks it is ok to grab a woman by the…. As Hillary put it, is this really the president we want for our daughters?”.

Equal Rights: “We must keep a close eye on Donald J Trump and his administration. Equality is a founding principle of the US constitution and something that Americans have fought long and hard to bring into practice. Equal rights do not disappear overnight, they are eroded. In his brief time already in power, Trump has reinstated the global gag rule and pushed through the Keystone pipeline, demonstrating that he believes the US should not support a women’s right to choose abroad and that the rights of Native Americans to their land are surpassed by that of oil companies. We must stay vigilant, we must keep up the fight”.

Sexuality: “This is a big concern for my American friends and family and there have been many tales of couples rushing to the registry office to wed before the end of Obama’s term. Whilst a Vice-President who has a history of advocating electric shocks to ‘de-gay’ people is frighteningly homophobic and frankly chilling, I suspect there is little the Trump administration can actually do except to stir homophobic sentiment. The right to marry is now enshrined in law through two Supreme Court cases which are notoriously difficult to strike down, just look at Roe v Wade and abortion“.

We at HIPE have one particular issue regarding the new commander in chief, that being the sudden ability he now has to alter what was a gradually modernised nation to a hate-filled, dated and highly ignorant one.

It’s your life not Trump’s life” – @HipeMagazine

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