HIPE Visits: Preto

Meats from the grill calved fresh at your table.

Preto pride themselves on high-quality food with its authentic Brazilian taste. With over 15 tasty cuts of spit roasted meat, presented on skewers and carved by their table side ‘Passadors’, be sure to get your bookings in early.

Adding to the long list of unique bites is their must-have salads, pastas, rice dishes and of course the famous ‘Feijoada‘ and ‘Feijao‘, prepared fresh on a daily basis.

Each guest choosing to order the full menu will have the option of starting and stopping as many times as they want until the meat sweats begin. A small table side gadget allows customers to make it clear to the Passadors when they want a little break from the tasty meats, but also when they want to start up again and keep enjoying the Brazilian flavours.

Stores: Putney / Victoria / West End / Croydon / Queensway / Enfield.

See below for more photos.

Photos by – The London Foodie

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