HIPE Shoots: Joey James

Joey James… Fashion, music and more.

We teamed up with the musician/model for an on-street photography campaign alongside the incredibly talented @MASCphotography.

Joey first found fame during his group appearance on the tenth series of X-factor in 2013 alongside two of his closest friends Kazeem Ajobe and Sterling Ramsey, making up Rough Copy. Their impressive harmonies, consistently fresh looks and loveable personalities earned them the fourth place position leading to a number of exiting new projects.

We hit the streets of Covent Garden to capture an honest insight into Joey’s personal stylings

With a number of impressively eye-catching jackets, vintage sportswear stylings and unique accessory additions, be sure to check out the full campaign below.

Check out Rough Copy’s new video to their latest single ‘TOO LONG’ online here.

Publication: @HipeMagazine

Photographer: @MASCphotography 

HIPE Representative: @HipeHardy

Model: @DopeBoyRC

See below for the full HIPE Magazine x Joey James campaign. 

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