Dougie Poynter: Style Evolution

From 90’s punk to new age icon.

After finding fame with chart-topping band McFly, drummer, singer and style influencer, Dougie Poynter has begun taking the fashion scene by storm. 

Despite his particularly casual look in the early days of his pop-rock career, Mr. Poynter has allowed his rooted love for oldskool stylings to inspire his current-day wardrobe.

His consistently bold leather jacket pairings, added to the stunning use of mild, earthy and tonal colourways has allowed him to catch the eye of many, on multiple fashionable occasions.

It’s safe to say his pop-rock, skate infused stylings with regularly spiked hair and baggy trousers was the starting ground for his fashion evolution

The skate industry is by far one of the most exiting, fast-paced areas within fashion and something that we at HIPE can’t get enough of. 

Dougie has brought both his past ‘rock-inspired’ look in to play to help achieve his slick, yet contemporary reputation within the current fashion world. 

After coming across Dougie at last seasons London Collections: MEN and realising his genuine passion for the art that is fashion, we had no choice but to recognise the stand-out steps he is making within the British fashion scene. 

See below for some of Dougie’s best looks. 


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