The Evolution Of Skate Fashion

A new era in urban fashion.

The slow but impressive development of the skating fashion industry has been one of the most exiting movements to see take shape.

Over the last five years, the stereotype behind ‘skaters’ and their iconic iook has completely changed. With brands such as Supreme leading the way in this new era of urban fashion, we at HIPE cannot wait to see how the rooted streetwear industry takes shape in the winter of 2016/17.

Despite the long gone stereotype behind skaters and their baggy Bolt jeans, new-age designs consisting of printed tees, hoodies, jackets, macs and more, as well as the stunning use of branded patchwork, is what is leading this current era in skate fashion to streetwear glory.

The skate and streetwear industry has gone from one of the most irrelevant areas in fashion to a multi-billion pound work at art, home to some of the most iconic looks, unique accessory additions and a mix of urban and high fashion stylings.

See below for some of HIPE‘s top SKATER looks. 


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