Jared Leto Talks Kanye & More For ‘GQ Style’ Cover Story

The U.S. born actor, singer and director has used his GQ Interview as a platform to talk about a few things he loves and questions… Kanye, Taylor swift and God. 

For his GQ STYLE cover story, Jared Leto has given us an insight into his ongoing love for some of the most currently controversial celebs. 

Here’s what he had to say…

Kanye: He’s a friend and has always been. Kanye has always been the nicest person to me, kind and generous. I think he’s a talent, and I really appreciate his ability to speak his mind.”

Taylor Swift: “She’s great. She triggers a conversation with myself about what’s possible. And you know, the thing I like about Taylor is she’s a self-made woman. I see that in my mother. There were probably points in Taylor’s career where someone else maybe would have been knocked off balance by criticism or other challenges, and she just kept marching forward.”

God: “I don’t believe in a God who sits in conscious judgment of the actions of humanity.”

Visit GQ online here for the full interview. 

See below for more photos. 


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