How To Pick The Perfect Romantic Getaway

Nothing beats a spontaneous trip abroad… 

With the best months of the year nearly upon us, we at HIPE wanted to dig deeper into what really makes a weekend break abroad, truly romantic.

If you put the effort of booking a trip aside, you are left with a big black hole where the ‘thought’ comes in. Many couples look at their first trip abroad as a big step in the best direction, but that theory can easily go pear shaped if the time spent looking for the right trip is spent trying to find the cheapest, closest or soonest

We’ve put together a little guide on how to pick the perfect romantic getaway.

1) Prioritise your other half… No one likes the guy or girl who plans and arranges everything to suit them. 

2) Breaking the bank isn’t necessary… With all the comparison sites making life that little bit easier, make sure you know your getting the best deal… It might take a while. 

3) The time of year means a lot… Winter break? Make winter the time of year you finally visit your one and only bucket list city. We feel winter is for the landlocked cities. 

Summer getaway? This is of course your best chance to take your other half to one of the many hundreds of picturesque seaside spots… Summer is for sun. 

4) Accommodation is key… Despite thinking you’ll be out and about from the early hours, this doesn’t always seem to be the case, so if it is why not make sure your hotel/apartment is more than just your average B&B. Sourcing quirky village apartments and boutique hotels can often be a highly rewarding challenge… Try it, you’ll be surprised.

See below for more photos.








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