HIPE Answers: The Top 5 Places To Holiday This Summer?

With the summer months fast approaching, we thought it was the perfect time to show you our Top 5 Places To Holiday This Summer.

Aside from the small minority of people looking to stay away from the sun this summer, we at HIPE understand that the majority of you want to be dipping into those crystal clear waters and of course eating foods were not able to enjoy on a daily basis.

Here’s our list of the Top 5 Places To Holiday This Summer.

1) Costa RicaAs well as Costa Rica being home to some of the worlds most incredible beaches, its overly hospitable residents and its variety of unique outdoor activities and relaxed day-outs are the reason for it taking the #1 spot on our list. 

The beautifully rugged surroundings is one of the main reasons for its overwhelming charm and therefor our top holiday’ing recommendation.

2) New Orleans, USWith it’s outstanding variety of live jazz/music bars, the unique twists on already incredible foods and its year long ‘American buzz’, be sure to add it to your upcoming US travel plans.

3) Peloponnese, GreeceAre you looking for those crystal clear waters and that laid back lifestyle, without the worries of sitting crossed legged on a plane for 9 hours…? Stupid to ask. Take our word and book your flights now. 

It’s unspoilt coastline is without a doubt the main tourist attraction throughout the towns and villages within the Peloponnese. Incredible food, fine wines and highly affordable, be sure to check out your travel options soon.

4) Amsterdam, NetherlandsIts slowly becoming everyone’s favourite ‘go to’ city for a relaxed and highly enjoyable few days. 

Aside from the obvious attractions Amsterdam has, you can’t help but admire its natural quirks and welcoming lifestyle. With many cafes, bars, clubs, restaurants and more open all around the clock all through the week, don’t forget to add Amsterdam to your future travel plans.

5) AlaskaThe picturesque scenery that comes with visiting Alaska leaves you more than satisfied. 

Although many people see the ‘summer months’ as the one and only time to find a beach and settle down, we wanted to bring you a variation of both scenery and relaxation. 

Alaska offers something that the majority of the world can’t offer… Consistently priceless scenery throughout your stay.

See below for more photos from our ‘Top 5 Places To Holiday This Summer’.

Costa Rica    


New Orleans, US    


Peloponnese, Greece    


Amsterdam, Netherlands    




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