Did Jay Z Co-Write The ‘LEMONADE’ Storyline?

After many days of speculation as to who Becky With The Good Hair is, we may have just found the truth behind Beyonce’s controversial new project. 

It wasn’t too long ago that Jay Z came under attack from his wife’s sister in one of the most unexplainable spats of the year. Now with the release of Beyonce’s new LEMONADE project, we are starting to think it may have been on big publicity stunt. 

Since being titled one of the worlds most influential couples, we at HIPE wanted to find out more. 

To sell an album these days, it takes more than just a couple of half-decent records. So could this have been one of Jay Z’s ideas of getting more traffic to his TIDAL empire…? Scaring the entire world with the news of infidelity.

With almost too many rumours going around, be sure to stay tuned for all LEMONADE updates. 

See below for more photos.    


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