REMEDY BCN: Barcelona’s Hidden Gem

The Spanish city of Barcelona has become a hotspot for tourists and travelers from all around the world.

Over the last few years, Barcelona has become more and more appealing to the younger generation of travelers seeking a relaxing day, weekend or week. Some would say the cities newest, and rather ‘unknown’ addition makes it that bit more appealing.

In some ways there’s a slight comparison to Holland’s capital city of Amsterdam, but with the Spanish sun being added to the equation, we at HIPE have found what might make your Barcelona experience that bit more ‘relaxing’.

With an incredible selection of Indica and Sativa strains to choose from, added to the Hashish selections and Waxes and Edibles if your lucky, we are happy to present REMEDY BCN.

Although they do have many similarities to the Colorado dispensary industry with the medical aspect, it’s they’re warm, welcoming and very Dutch feel that makes Remedy stand out.

With fine local wines and beers to choose from added to the carefully picked cannabis strains, be sure to get yourself down to Remedy BCN. Full membership for one year at just €20.

Check them out online here, and see below for more photos.    


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