YEEZY Season 3: Official Pricing Details 

YEEZY have finally released a strong insight into the pricing for this seasons collection.The latest YEEZY Season 3 offerings may set you back a few quid, but in comparison to previous Kanye collections, the new pieces have taken on a more affordable approach.

The stand-out piece from Kanye’s YEEZY collection is the oversized shearling wool coat. Priced at $1450, it’s definitely an improvement when it comes to pricing. 

After many months of deliberation in regards to pricing for his season 3 collection, Mr. West finally made the conscious decision to make it that little bit more affordable. 

See below for more pricing details from the 2016 YEEZY Season 3 collection. 

Crewneck sweaters/hoodies – $370. Oversized and longline t-shirts in premium fabrics – $200. Faux shearlings between $600 and $720. Joggers/trousers will start at a modest $250 but will go up to the $450/$500 mark.

See below for more photos and stay tuned for all the latest stockist information.    


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