Hotel Roemer: Amsterdam’s Finest Boutique Hotel

One of Amsterdam’s stand-out boutique hotels.

The quant cobbled streets, picturesque canals and all the cities main attractions within a few minutes walk have allowed Hotel Roemer to earn the well-deserved title of ‘Amsterdam’s finest boutique hotel’.  

Located in the gorgeous fashion and museum district, in a stunning 18th century townhouse really gives this hotel the five-star feeling. 

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the hotels receptionist who was able to give us all the best recommendations in regards to late night dining spots, day-time drinking venues and of course a map guide to fit our specific holiday needs.  

With chic designs throughout, beautiful artwork on almost every wall, typically large Dutch windows in every room and a variety of modern in-house/in-room additions (Nespresso machine, rain dance shower, jacuzzi bath, wide screen TV, private work area, king-size bed) has made our stay at Hotel Roemer truly unforgettable.  

After speaking with the evening staff at Hotel Roemer, we couldn’t wait to see what the local area had to offer. A short stroll took us to an outstanding selection of fine dining Italian, Argentinian, Spanish and of course Dutch restaurants, while having the choice to be within the heart of Amsterdam in minutes. 

With its tranquil city garden open to all guests, the option to fill up on a massive selection of breakfast bites, and some of the finest rooms and suites in the city, be sure to check out Hotel Roemer for all the latest rates and availability. 

See below for more photos.  


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