Eudon Choi: London Fashion Week AW16

Eudon Choi presents his 2016 Autumn/Winter collection at London Fashion Week.With a collection full of contrasting tones, hues and different textures, designer Eudon Choi has started off London Fashion Week with a bang. Drawing his inspiration from artists Saloua Raouda Choucair and Helen Frankenthaler, he has managed to combine both of their works into this years Autumn/Winter showcase. 

Whilst Choucair favoured sharp colours and graphic lines, Helen works with more of a muted palette and soft, fluid shapes. Between the two-toned runway, the sharp tailored lines and the perfect drape-shaped pieces, it was hard to miss the distinct styles of these two artists and how Choi integrated their work to present such a beautiful contraposition.

Expressing his skilled hand at tailoring we were adorned with delicate soft cashmere and wool knits with teasing slits to expose the chiffon or lightweight cotton underneath. The unexpected contracts and further depth in his garments clearly confirms his ability to manipulate fabric to create deeper dimensions.

Drop-shoulder blazers, neatly tailored coats, floating pleats, long and relaxed silhouettes, bold colours, graphic patterns with a hint of space-age aesthetic are only a few of the key components that were incorporated. Not overlooking the footwear, Eudon Choi teamed up with Ganor Dominic to serve up quite the selection of different textured ankle and knee boots. 

A deceptively effortless set of clothes, and one which truly shows Choi’s unique ability to create something beautifully coherent out of such a wide-ranging influences. 

See below for more photos.    

Feature by Jeanita Hosea. 

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